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From personal websites to social networking portals.
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From logos to corporate identities.

We can help you determine what you need now, and help your net presence grow with you.

Experts in a large number of web technologies including HTML, Javascript, PHP, Flash Actionscript, Photoshop, and more.
Silver Snail Comics
The Silver Snail, one of the best comic shops in Toronto, has gotten a facelift!
Check out the official relaunch!
The Nerd Mafia
A group of like-minded professionals who either dabble or work in industries you could call "nerdy."
Another site running on the Odin's Beard core structure.
Flash The World!
From web to AIR to mobile, you can find articles, tutorials, tools, sample code, and helpful links to aid in your AS3 development.
Cause as much damage as you can before your power runs out. Click and drag the mouse around the screen to shoot your laser. Destroy people, cars, and buildings!
Click here to play
New NGP look is a GO!
Now with FREE galleries, events listing, and gallery comments.
Go check it out!
Nerd Girl Pinups
Danger Drive
Built in partnership with Crowtrees Studios and Ecentricarts for Kid's Help Phone. A top down racer in a Tron style. Avoid obstacles, collect bonuses, and test your knowledge of internet safety.
Click here to play
HeimGard 3D
Flash based 3D environment API.
Still a work in progress.
Check it out!
A new card game created by us. Play
Evil Space Rocks! From Space!

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